El Guapo Bitters recently took over a space in an old Bell South building that our firm designed many years ago. We always love the opportunity to give our old projects new life, and in this instance it’s the life of the party!

With its newly renovated production space geared up and ready to go, El Guapo Bitters and its CEO Christa Cotton are ready for the holiday festivities. They create bitters and syrups to enhance any cocktail or mocktail because they are alcohol free. They use high quality ingredients and materials with an eye on sustainability. Learn more about the company and shop for your next flavor experience at https://elguapobitters.com/

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Need a suggestion on where to start? Try this Milk Punch. And for the non-alcoholic version, we are thinking a shot of cold brew or espresso instead of the brandy. Sounds like the perfect Christmas morning pick-me-up!

* 2 oz. Napoleon brandy (or espresso)
* 2 oz. Half & half
* 1 oz. Whole Milk
* 1 oz. El Guapo® Sweet Potato syrup
* 6 dashes El Guapo® Spiced Cocoa Bitters
* Freshly grated nutmeg for garnish

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine brandy, half & half, milk, syrup & bitters.
Shake vigorously until well chilled and strain into your favorite glassware filled halfway with fresh cubed ice.
Grate fresh nutmeg over each glass and serve immediately.